We are a creative team from Sydney and this is our full disclosure.


1. One of us is Australian and the other is English. 

PAUL: Traditionally these two things have clashed, but so far we’ve managed to put our differences aside.

Jono's agreed to taper his Australian accent to sound less like an anteater talking into a tin can, on the promise that I no longer refer to him as ‘colonial riff raff’.


2. We’re not very talented. 

JONO: Last year I was given a book on how to tie balloon animals. Unsurprisingly the first animal was the sausage dog.

I managed to get the sausage part down pat; it was making it look like a dog that I failed at.

To make matters worse, emblazoned on the front of the book were the words “Ages 8 and up!” and “Beginners”. 

Whilst this has very little to do with advertising, it does illustrate another point. We don’t let our general lack of ability get in the way of finding novel solutions to all sorts of problems.

Just ask my niece, the proud owner of the best damn balloon worm you’ve ever seen.


3. We’re not particularly fond of ads.

PAUL: Whilst we’re not the tortured geniuses who work in advertising as a ‘day-job’. We do think the less something feels like an ‘ad’, the better.

We are however, passionate about ideas, the bigger the better. Ads that go beyond 'adland' and into the memory of the people are our favourites.


4.  We’re daydreamers.

JONO: We space out mid sentence, we miss bus stops, we walk into things, I once trod on a cat’s neck.

Mark Twain reckons “A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way”. Well, with all due respect to the so called 'Father of American literature’, I tend to disagree.

Anyway where was I?

Yes, daydreams!

No one dreams small, and we’re not going to let a stupid cat get in the way of making our dreams a reality. Which leads us to our next point.


5. We’re obsessive.

PAUL: Saying we’re perfectionists is a cop out. Nothing is perfect, and our work certainly isn’t, in fact it’s one of the things we’re constantly looking to improve – and we’re willing to work obsessively to do that.


6. We’re not comfortable talking about how good we are at our job.

 JONO: Hopefully our referees are (available on request).



2016 - Present
Johannes Leonardo NYC

2011 - 2016
M&C Saatchi Sydney

2009 - 2011
BWM Sydney

Award School (Super group winner)

2008 - 2009
GPY&R Sydney

2003 - 2007
BA Communications Advertising - Charls Sturt University

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2016 - Present
Johannes Leonardo NYC

2012 - 2016
M&C Saatchi Sydney

2007 - 2012
TBWA\ Manchester

2006 - 2007
Tequila\ Manchester

2002 - 2006
BA Hons Graphic Design - University of Central Lancashire

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